Our History

Iris started in 1995 with a vision: to develop a substantial portfolio of assets in the hospitality industry.

By 2006 we had acquired 13 hotels through our simple, guiding strategy of creating profitable growth. We identified potential and transformed venues with profitable gaming revenues into complete destinations – places that offer an exceptional total customer experience.

Initially focussing on Sydney’s fast growing south west corridor, our best-practice operating model allowed for rapid expansion into larger and ever more prestigious locations.

Over the last decade we have evolved beyond hospitality into realising the full potential of our group. We’ve optimised our locations, with high quality, integrated residential and mixed-use developments, in sought-after locations such as Kings Cross and Clovelly, and right across the Sydney region.

Most recently we have taken another leap forward, with the acquisition of East End in Newcastle. Here, our team is excited by the possibilities of undertaking the rejuvenation of the entire city centre.

Our Mission

We believe in evolution. Moving forward through constant refinement and expansion of our business model, always creating places people love – whether it’s a hotel, a destination, an apartment or a complete city precinct.

Corporate Goals

We continue to partner with leading architects, agents, consultants and builders to realise value and maximise quality and profits.